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Fox River Granite & Marble

Disclaimer : Accepting this estimate (by payment or signature) agrees to our terms and conditions.


The following document outlines the next steps of your project. We require one copy of this contract signed and filled out for your project.

Thank you for choosing Fox River Granite as the stone crafter for your project. In order to keep our turnaround time quick and our quality high, we require that the following criteria are all met. In most cases if any of these criteria are not met, we may suspend your project until the items are complete.

Customer Responsibilities:

Countertop Template: In order for your project to be measured all cabinetry must be completely installed and 100% complete. This includes upper cabinets, base cabinets, end panels, and any other carpentry pertinent to the area the stone is being installed, is permanently fastened, attached to both the floor and wall. Doors and Drawers must be installed. Cabinets should be set straight and level. If we detect any problem with the cabinetry, we will bring it to someone's attention.

Appliances: All stoves, cooktops, sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, and any other accessories pertinent to the installation of the countertops must be on the job site during the template. Fox River Granite will not fabricate any cutout from manufacturers specifications without having the physical accessory in hand.

Once the template is made, photographs of the job site are taken and markings indicating the placement of cabinets are made. The cabinets are not to be moved or adjusted at all after we template. Moving or adjusting the cabinets will result in poor fitting countertops and changes in overhang.

Farm sinks must be in place for us to template. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Fireplace Template: For a fireplace template, any fireplace insert of any kind must be made available to us during template. Failure to do so may result in an additional fee for re-fabrication of pieces due to unknown insert clearances. The floor should be cutout for the hearth before we arrive to the house. Fox River Granite is not responsible for making sure fireplace dimensions are up to code.

Failure to comply with these basic requirements may result in your job being delayed. We reserve the right to charge a trip charge to cover the costs associated with an incomplete visit.


When selecting stone for your project, it is important to remember that every slab is unique and is a product of nature. All slabs have unique characteristics, including but not limited to fissures, pits, and inclusions are natural and are not considered defects. Sometimes these characteristics are not discovered until fabrication. We will work together during the layout process to avoid some of these defects but in many materials, it is impossible to avoid them all. Many fissures can be seen and felt. We will usually try to place unavoidable fissures and other similar characteristics towards the back of countertops and less conspicuous areas, but again this is not always possible. Your stone countertop (especially marble and quartzite) may have a fissure in it. We will not replace countertops with fissures. If you are worried about a visible fissure in your countertop, please ask us if your selection is prone to fissures.

Additionally, many stone slabs (natural and synthetic) are not perfectly flat. Any concave or convex bowed slabs are not considered defective.

Material Selection: Fox River Granite offers a huge inventory of full slabs for selection. After a signed contract or down payment on a project is given (depending on your agreed payment terms). The material for your project is allocated, held for the duration of the contract, and the material is considered sold. There are no refunds on natural stone slab sales. All sales are final. If your project grows in scope beyond the allocated amount of material, Fox River Granite cannot guarantee more material will be available when your project becomes ready for production. It is imperative you let us know exactly where you would like to use your stone slab material.

When selecting slabs from wholesalers and distributors, Fox River Granite is not responsible for any information you received about the material (from anyone not employed by Fox River Granite). Often slabs are incorrectly classified. For example (but not limited to) many types of marble are called quartzite by distributors. While we will do our best to inform you of the proper classification, sometimes with new materials we may not know for sure. Fox River Granite is also not responsible for the quality of material from any distributor. You are responsible while selecting material to select sound material. All slabs are accepted as is. Any work to fix cracked material or change the finish of the stone (including scratched material) will be billed and added to the final invoice. There are no refunds or exchanges on material purchased from slab wholesalers.

The locations of seams are determined by Fox River Granite. All suggestions and requests for seam locations are always considered. Large “L” shape pieces and other otherwise awkward shapes may require additional material and may result in a change in project price if the client insists on not having a seam. These determinations are unable to be made until we template. Additionally, we reserve the right to seam pieces we deem to be too fragile or delicate to handle in one piece. These determinations are unable to be made until we template. If the client insists on continuing without our seam suggestions the Client is responsible for all costs associated with repairing or replacing the broken part.

If your project requires additional equipment or manpower to install your stone due to unforeseen obstacles (including but not limited to: Stairs, Crane equipment, house layout) the cost of the additional resources will be added to the final invoice.

Many projects require laminating two or more pieces of stone together. Whenever stone (natural or synthetic) is laminated together, it should be expected to see the adhesive joint. Some materials cut more cleanly than others. The cleaner the cut, the tighter the joint, especially with mitered edges. Fox River Granite uses the best equipment available in the stone industry. We strive for the best product that can be made. Even still, Fox River Granite makes absolutely no claims of invisible laminations or miters.

Many man-made quartz brands have strict fabrication guidelines to comply with their warranty. Often, the details of your kitchen may void their warranty. This includes but isn’t limited to inside corners and edge details. Fox River Granite is not responsible for your projects compliance with any manufacturer's warranty.


Stone products are very heavy. We require a clear, obstacle free path to the installation site. All cabinets should be free of debris. All finished floors should be protected with plywood, masonite or similar products. We will cover floors with drop cloths, but we assume no responsibility for unprotected floors. Stone products can be very awkward and some minor damage to walls and cabinets can occur. Along with covering floors, our installers are required to wear footwear in the home for safety purposes. No exceptions. We are very careful not to let the stone touch anything while we are installing but sometimes accidents can occur. Fox River Granite assumes no responsibility for finished or painted surfaces on the job site.

Clean Up:

During the installation of granite and/or stone, it is to be expected to be a large construction process. Customers should expect dirt, dust, and minor debris during and after the process. Fox River Granite will wipe and sweep up our work area once the job is completed. Please be advised this is a basic cleaning and most customers follow through with a more thorough cleaning during their own time. During the installation, it is required our installers wear their protective footwear for safety purposes at all times inside our customers’ homes. They will place cardboard down to walk on so not to dirty walking areas that they will be using, however it is also up to the customer to use additional floor coverage to their discretion.

Limited Warranty:

Fox River Granite provides a residential warranty on our workmanship for one year from installation. We do not warranty against staining or etching of any kind. Sometimes seams will fail due to the house settling or other movement within a home. A repaired seam is usually more conspicuous than the original.

There is no warranty on fireplaces.

There is no warranty on commercial projects unless otherwise provided.

There is no warranty on exterior installations.

There is no warranty on items installed by others.

Payment terms:

Unless otherwise agreed payment terms are as follows: A payment of 50% of the contract or material price whichever greater, along with signed contract is required to allocate and/or purchase materials for the project. The balance is due upon completion of the project. If we are unable to complete any phase of the project because of delays due to other trades or circumstances, we may consider the project complete and bill the final invoice. Penalty for Non-Payment: Any contract unpaid for whatever reason will result in a mechanics Lien on the property where the work was completed. Any legal fees accrued as a result will be added to the remaining balance. Long outstanding receivables will be sold to an outside collection’s agency.